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Big Little Lies Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Celeste is also holding the finish line. She's making polite chit-chat with Renata, who's being icy. 
  • After all, Celeste didn't come to her daughter's birthday party. Renata has decided to hold a grudge. 
  • Celeste has other things on her mind. The night before, Perry poured a bucket of Legos over her head, and then hit her. 
  • The assaults are getting more and more frequent. 
  • And to make it worse, Celeste thinks Perry looks at the assaults as kind of a joke—proof that they have an especially passionate relationship. 
  • Back in the present, Madeline has won the race. Only by the slimmest margin, but Celeste sees that she definitely won. 
  • However, Renata calls the race in favor of Bonnie. It's unbelievably petty…and totally in keeping with Renata's MO.

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