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Big Little Lies Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

  • The chapter starts with an outline of the socioeconomic breakdown of Pirriwee. There are tradespeople, hippies, and wealthy gentrifiers. And all of their kids go to the same school: Pirriwee Public. 
  • This causes a wee bit of strain. 
  • Celeste and Perry are definitely two of the wealthy gentrifiers. 
  • Celeste comes home and makes herself a cup of tea. The house-cleaners are vacuuming on the second floor, and she doesn't want to disturb them. They cost $200/week. 
  • For Celeste and Perry, this is chump change. 
  • Celeste busies herself at the computer, giving wildly to charity. She spends something like $25,000 in less than an hour. 
  • No, really. 
  • The doorbell rings. It's a florist, with an unbelievably beautiful bouquet of flowers from Perry.  
  • But they depress Celeste. It's a reminder of the violence. 
  • She goes to the computer again, initially intending to Google a local marriage counselor. Instead, she Googles "domestic violence."

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