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Big Little Lies Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

  • Madeline is hurting. 
  • She's packing up Abigail's stuff, readying her for the big move to her father and Bonnie's house. 
  • Every time she thinks about it, really thinks about it, it feels like a punch to the abdomen. 
  • But she's outwardly chill. 
  • Abigail is even bringing along her new, four-poster bed that Ed put together. 
  • Originally, Abigail adored Ed. But now she acts like he's too authoritarian and strict. 
  • Nathan, Abigail's biological father, is more hang loose. 
  • Ed comes in and helps Madeline. He even insults Bonnie, which perks Madeline right up. 
  • Then he mentions interviewing a book club for the local paper. Madeline has a flash of inspiration: she'll start her own book club!

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