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Big Little Lies Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • Jane is giving Ziggy a bath, and he keeps talking about a family tree project. 
  • Good thing the project isn't due for a week. Jane has plenty of time to get back to her book, which has some racy scenes in it. 
  • The racy scenes make Jane flash back to an unpleasant encounter she had. It's hinted at that this unpleasant encounter was the moment of Ziggy's conception. 
  • Ziggy keeps talking about this family tree project. He says it's due tomorrow. 
  • But it isn't…or is it? 
  • Jane goes to check. Oops. The family tree is definitely, definitely due tomorrow. 
  • She texts Madeline, asking if Madeline has any cardboard. It's too late to go and buy any; all the shops are closed. 
  • Then, everything unravels. Ziggy doesn't want to get out of his bath and starts screaming. 
  • Jane screams back. 
  • Ziggy screams louder. 
  • Jane screams back, also louder. She's panicking and feels like a terrible mother. 
  • In the midst of all of this ruckus arrives Madeline, with a fresh sheet of cardboard. 
  • Madeline to the rescue! 
  • Jane bursts into tears.

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