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Big Little Lies Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • Luckily, there's someone to witness Madeline's fall.
  • Meet Jane Chapman, mother to Ziggy. Ziggy's also on his way to get "Kindy Ready," and Jane's a little peeved that Madeline's car, hazard lights on, is blocking her way forward. 
  • In fact, her first instinct is to drive around Madeline, who's sprawled on the ground in obvious pain.
  • But Ziggy brings her back to earth. We get the sense that he does that a lot.
  • And Jane is actually really happy she helps Madeline.
  • Madeline looks a little entrancing, with her hyper-feminine outfit and earrings. It turns out she acts entrancing, too: she's charming and bubbly.
  • Jane calls that combination "glittery."
  • Madeline is a "glittery girl." Jane is basically the opposite of a glittery girl.
  • Now the chorus of gossipy voices we remember from Chapter 1 is back.
  • We learn that the school was divided between Team Madeline and Team Renata. 
  • We're also getting a sense of who Bonnie—one member of this chorus of gossips—is. She seems pretty hippy-dippy.

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