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Big Little Lies Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

  • Madeline and Jane talk things out. 
  • Madeline's first response is to say how none of this was Jane's fault; she was sexually and verbally assaulted by Saxon Banks. 
  • Then she starts telling Jane that what he said—that Jane was fat and ugly—was also false. 
  • Now Jane gets animated. It shouldn't even matter, she says. Men can be fat and ugly and still respected. Fat, ugly men aren't judged for being fat and ugly. 
  • But for women, she says, "fat and ugly" is the worst thing you can be. 
  • After Saxon Banks, Jane developed an eating disorder. She used to be voluptuous and is now skinny. 
  • She hates how much his words hurt her. The end result of the assault was Ziggy—because of Jane's endometriosis, she didn't even think about the possibility of conception. 
  • And she was "woke up" when Ziggy was born; she sloughed off the depression that had been trailing her. 
  • Now, however, she's worried that Ziggy's father's abusiveness is coming through in his son's behavior. 
  • After all, Ziggy was accused of choking Amabella. 
  • Just like Saxon Banks choked Jane. 
  • Madeline, angry on behalf of her friend, decides to Google "Saxon Banks." 
  • Please don't, says Jane.

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