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Big Little Lies Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

  • Madeline and Ed are sitting in bed, talking about autoerotic asphyxiation. 
  • But it's not as kinky as it sounds—Madeline is thinking about Jane's experience with Saxon Banks. 
  • She tells Ed about what happened to Jane, and Ed is understandably outraged. 
  • But he also says something that annoys Madeline—he calls Jane a "silly girl." 
  • She gets mad and says he's victim blaming. He defends himself, saying that it was silly of her to go back to the room of a man she had just met. 
  • Madeline ends up leaving the room and drinking a cup of tea to calm herself down. She also ends up Googling Saxon Banks. 
  • He lives down the coast in Sydney, and he has three kids. 
  • That means that Ziggy has three step-siblings.  
  • Madeline is overwhelmed with mixed emotions of disgust, anger, and guilt. She realizes that she has enjoyed, ever so slightly, the feeling of superiority that comes with listening to someone else's misfortune.

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