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Big Little Lies Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

  • Abigail's at home, and Madeline doesn't know how to behave around her anymore.  
  • She feels like Abigail is a stranger, and so treats her with the weird, removed kind of politeness with which you treat a guest, or else acts rude and curt. 
  • Now, she sees Abigail looking at her laptop and goes over to investigate. Abigail is contemplating joining Amnesty International; she's very concerned about human trafficking and sex slavery. 
  • This makes Madeline feel awful. She knows that she's not as involved with charity as Bonnie is, and that she's loud and quirky and likes to spend money on new shoes instead of giving it to worthy causes. 
  • But she wants to connect with Abigail on this whole Amnesty International, no-human-trafficking thing. 
  • So she offers to help her write a petition letter to the MP. 
  • But Abigail is basically disgusted by this idea. A letter! That wouldn't accomplish anything. 
  • Besides, she has another idea. 
  • What that idea is, we don't get a chance to find out, because Nathan's at the door. 
  • And he's…an hour early. 
  • Abigail says she wanted to go visit Bonnie's mother. She says goodbye to Madeline, being curt and condescending the whole time.

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