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Big Little Lies Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

  • Celeste has rented a small apartment.
  • It's just a normal apartment, in a town between Pirriwee and North Sydney, complete with dingy gray carpeting and a poky little kitchen.
  • This is part of Celeste's escape plan; she plans to leave the next time that Perry hits her.
  • Or, at least, she plans to tell her therapist that she has a plan for the next time Perry hits her. She wants to impress her therapist with her preparedness.
  • She feels a pang of self-loathing about this—that she wants to get the equivalent of good grades from her counselor.
  • She loathes the idea of moving into this tiny apartment, she thinks. She'll be far away from her friends in Pirriwee, she'll have to cook in a tiny kitchen, she'll never see Perry's family again, she'll lose the magic aspect of their life, she'll never be as attracted to anyone as she is to Perry.
  • Although, she has to admit to herself that there's something unnerving about the sheer amount of wealth that Perry has. They are so rich.
  • Maybe, she thinks to herself, the violence is a way of balancing out how perfect the rest of their life is…or at least how perfect it looks.

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