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Big Little Lies Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

  • Now we're only one week before Trivia Night. 
  • And…we're only halfway through the book. 
  • This is going to be one packed week, y'all. 
  • It's the first night of book club! Or, more specifically, it's the first night of what Madeline is calling "Erotic Book Club." 
  • Saucy! 
  • That name is, um, keeping away the more close-minded mothers at Pirriwee Public. 
  • But Samantha has showed up. 
  • Samantha is a marathon runner with a good sense of humor;.Madeline likes her. They drink some champagne and then Samantha asks if Madeline has heard about the petition. 
  • Er—what petition? 
  • Oh, just the petition to have Ziggy expelled from Pirriwee Public, since Amabella refuses to confirm or deny whether Ziggy was the kid bullying her.

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