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Big Little Lies Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

  • Celeste is feeling a little out of it, yet again. 
  • Everyone at book club is buzzing about the petition to have Ziggy kicked out of kindergarten—all the women have an opinion, and really love dishing the tea—but Celeste doesn't feel like participating. 
  • She's seething with misplaced shame, thinking about how her husband beats her. It makes her feel out of place—everyone else seems so happy. 
  • One of the other women mentions they haven't seen much of Perry. 
  • He'll be at Trivia Night, says Celeste, because he loves dressing up. 
  • Perry's also planning on getting Celeste a real pearl necklace so she can perfect her Audrey Hepburn costume. 
  • It's way over the top. Everyone else is going to wear costume jewelry.

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