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Big Little Lies Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

  • Book club's over and Madeline and Celeste are sitting around, eating muffins. 
  • They start talking about Jane, who's been the elephant in the room all evening.  
  • In fact, it's the first time they talk to each other about the creep who assaulted and impregnated Jane. 
  • Madeline confesses to Googling a property developer named "Saxon Banks," and Celeste start coughing in surprise. 
  • Did Madeline say…Saxon Banks
  • Perry has a cousin named Saxon Banks! And he's a property developer. 
  • They scrutinize the photo of Saxon. 
  • He does kind of look like Ziggy. 
  • Celeste starts freaking out. She likes Saxon. She thought he was a good guy. And now what is she supposed to do? 
  • Madeline says that she would try to keep it a secret from Ed...and ends up spilling the beans. She's no good at keeping secrets. 
  • Celeste is pretty good at keeping secrets, though.

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