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Big Little Lies Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

  • Celeste thinks all about Saxon Banks on the way home.
  • She's super upset. She remembers the last time she saw him, and how nice he was. 
  • He seemed like a genuinely good dude.
  • But then again, she thinks, Perry seems like a good guy as well.
  • Maybe there's a genetic connection, thinks Celeste. Some kind of amoral jerk gene. After all, Perry and Saxon's moms were identical twins.
  • So genetically, they're half brothers rather than cousins.
  • And Saxon, Celeste thinks, might be even worse than Perry.
  • The thought gives her the absolute creeps.
  • Still, she can't help but think about how nice their garage is as she arrives back home.
  • The new apartment wouldn't even have a garage.
  • Then she sees her bruises and feels rueful—obviously having a nice place to park isn't worth bodily harm.

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