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Big Little Lies Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

  • Jane and Ziggy are camping out at Grandma and Grandpa's for a day or two. 
  • Ziggy's snoring happily in Jane's childhood bedroom and Jane's doing a jigsaw puzzle with her parents and brother. It’s adorable. Everyone's eating cookies. 
  • In fact, Jane thinks about how she actually belongs here, near her parents, instead of all the way off in Pirriwee. 
  • But then she thinks back to Pirriwee, to Madeline and Celeste and drinking coffee at Blue Blues and the new clients that have come her way and days at the beach… 
  • …and realizes she's never been happier in her life. 
  • Whoa. 
  • The parents seem to realize this, and tell her that Ziggy has to stay put. 
  • Heck, Renata can leave if she's so touchy. Amabella can go to a gifted and talented school. 
  • And her parents know that Ziggy never hurt Amabella. After all, Jane's mom says, he's a reincarnation of peaceful Pappy. 
  • This ticks Jane off. Maybe he's not a reincarnation of Pappy. Maybe he's the son of a man who… 
  • Who...what? Jane's family suddenly looks concerned and asks if Jane was hurt by Ziggy's father. 
  • Jane decides to lie to save her parents from worry. 
  • No, no, says Jane. It's just that he was a stranger. 
  • Her parents visibly relax, but her brother is still giving her the side-eye.

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