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Big Little Lies Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

  • Madeline is a little adrift, post-book club. 
  • Especially when she remembers that she doesn't have to take Abigail to her math tutor in the morning. Every time she remembers that Abigail doesn't live with her, it smarts a little more. 
  • So she does the obvious thing: she Facebook stalks Abigail. 
  • Abigail has a lovely new profile picture of her doing…yoga. How very Bonnie of her. Some girl has commented that it's not "slutty/sexy enough" for some mysterious project. Abigail has commented back that the project is "top secret." 
  • Madeline's mystified for a second, and then goes into concerned mama mode. Madeline is online, and it's midnight. 
  • She messages her daughter, telling her it's time for sleep. 
  • Abigail messages back—her dad cancelled the math tutor, so there's no need to go to sleep early. 
  • Wait —what? Madeline, furious, calls up Nathan to demand why he canceled the tutor. 
  • Nathan is asleep when she calls, and is more than a little ticked off. 
  • Madeline is hurt, humiliated, angry, and frustrated all at once, so she does the logical thing…and throws her phone against the wall, shattering its screen. 
  • Good one, Madeline.

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