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Big Little Lies Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

  • Jane's back in Pirriwee, and she's going to the kindergarten to volunteer.
  • But she walks right into a hornet's nest.
  • Luckily, it's a figurative hornet's nest: a group of Blond Bobs that are gossiping about her.
  • She digs her heels in, walks up to them and tells them what's on her mind. Ziggy does not hurt other children.
  • Then, feeling confident instead of conflict-averse, she goes over to the kindergarten classroom.
  • The teacher is relieved that she showed up, and tells Jane not to be swayed by the petition to have Ziggy expelled and the intimidation tactics of the other mothers.
  • For the first time, Jane feels pretty sure she won't be intimidated.

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