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Big Little Lies Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

  • Jane's on listening duty: she gets to sit out on the playground and listen to kids read out loud. 
  • It's actually pretty adorable. And it's sunny and there are pillows and blankets. 
  • She finishes hearing Max read about monkey birthdays (cute!) and waits for the next kiddo. 
  • The next kid is…Amabella. 
  • This girl is seriously gifted and talented; she reads the hardest book in kindergarten with ease. 
  • But Jane can only think about asking her about Ziggy. 
  • Finally, she does. 
  • Amabella starts immediately sobbing and says, "It wasn't…" 
  • Jane jumps in. It wasn't Ziggy who assaulted her? She needs to know! 
  • But Amabella is crying too hard to answer. 
  • Enter Harper, who is Renata's wingman and basically the queen of the Blond Bobs. 
  • She storms up to Amabella, totally ignoring Jane. 
  • Harper leads the crying Amabella away, and Jane gets mad. 
  • She confronts Harper directly about the petition. 
  • Harper turns around and says that Jane, like her son, is bullying Amabella. 
  • That does it. Jane, totally aggravated, yells at Harper and kicks at the ground. 
  • According to Harper, this is Jane kicking her. 
  • It's some drama, all right.

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