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Big Little Lies Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

  • We've jumped in time again: we're now the day before Trivia Night. 
  • And all the parents are going to Pirriwee Public for an assembly. 
  • Er—almost all the parents. Jane is taking Ziggy to a child psychologist, but that's a secret. 
  • Madeline and Ed are going to see Chloe and Fred do their thing, when Ed drops a bombshell: he's going to be working on a news story concerning Ziggy and Amabella and the question of bullying. 
  • We learn that Ed left a prestigious job at a big newspaper in order to split parenting more equally with Madeline. 
  • He says this is a valuable news story, and he knows his stuff. 
  • Ed and Madeline catch up to Celeste and Perry. 
  • Madeline quietly asks Celeste if she's told Perry about what his cousin, Saxon Banks, did to Jane. 
  • Celeste hasn't. 
  • Perry brings up the petition, and asks whether or not they should sign. 
  • Celeste says, "If you sign the petition, I will leave you" and, even though it's played for laughs, it's…not really funny. Celeste seems way too serious. 
  • The invitation to Trivia Night reminds everyone a) that men should dress up like Elvis and women should dress up like Audrey Hepburn, and b) not to make too much noise outside. 
  • Hmm. Somehow it seems like that second rule is going to be broken…

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