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Big Little Lies Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

  • The assembly is about to begin, and who sits next to Madeline but…Bonnie. 
  • Perfect, yoga-teaching Bonnie. 
  • She chats up Madeline in her perfect, calm, kind way. 
  • Madeline is starting to inwardly boil with rage. She figures that tomorrow will be peak PMS. 
  • First, Bonnie tells Madeline that Abigail has decided to become a social worker, and that she's working on a social justice project that's top secret. 
  • The last time Madeline heard anything, Abigail wanted to be a physiotherapist. 
  • Oh yeah, says Bonnie. And Madeline and Ed should totally come over to Abigail's fifteenth birthday party. It would be so nice to get the whole family together. 
  • It takes everything in Madeline's power not to start screaming with hurt and anger.

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