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Big Little Lies Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

  • Jane's at the child psychologist, and things are looking up.
  • The psychologist thinks that Ziggy is not a bully. He has too much empathy for that.
  • Unless, of course, he's a psychopath, and then he could be faking empathy! (Oh, great.)
  • But actually, the child psychologist has a couple of serious things to discuss with Jane.
  • Thing 1: she thinks that Ziggy himself might be being bullied. Verbally, not physically…but still.
  • Thing 2: she tells Jane that Ziggy knows his father is a mysterious, dark force. He knows this because Jane gets slightly upset every single time Ziggy asks about his father.
  • Was Ziggy's dad a bad dude? asks the psychologist.
  • Well, he wasn't great, says Jane.

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