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Big Little Lies Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

  • Perry and Celeste are in the car, driving home. 
  • It seems like Perry had a great time at the assembly, taking photos of his kids and posting them on Facebook, making dad jokes with the other dads, and generally having a great time. 
  • But there's something strained about him, and Celeste is worried. 
  • She thinks he picked up on some rage when she told him, ostensibly jokingly, that she'd leave him if he signed the petition against Ziggy and Jane. 
  • She was just so mad—after all, it was because of Perry's cousin that Ziggy was in the world at all. 
  • Celeste thinks about the apartment she rented. It's now fully furnished; there are even sheets on the beds.  
  • When she thinks about the furnished apartment, late at night, she feels like she's somehow betraying Perry. 
  • They've arrived at the house, and Perry says that he's coming inside as well. 
  • This isn't a good sign. 
  • Perry opens the front door for her, and then immediately grabs her by the hair before smashing her head into the wall. 
  • This is because she "embarrassed him" by joking about leaving him. 
  • Celeste is in a heap on the floor and Perry brings her an ice pack covered in a dishcloth. 
  • He's sobbing, and he scoops her into his arms.

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