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Big Little Lies Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

  • Madeline's at work, and she has to make a work-related phone call. 
  • Except, of course, given Pirriwee's size, nothing is only work-related. 
  • Madeline calls Lorraine, who also has a kiddo in Chloe's class, and whose husband hangs out with Ed. 
  • It's all pretty claustrophobic. 
  • Anyway, Lorraine has some juicy gossip. 
  • Apparently, Renata's husband, Geoff, is fooling around with the nanny. 
  • How cliché. 
  • Madeline has some seriously mixed emotions. On the one hand: good. Renata's making Jane's life a living hell and hasn't been too nice to Madeline, either. 
  • On the other hand? No one deserves to be dumped for a younger woman. Madeline feels that especially hard. 
  • In any case, Lorraine wants to talk about something else: Abigail's charity project.  
  • Madeline shrugs that off, saying that Abigail is probably just doing a raffle or something. 
  • Hmm, says Lorraine. Maybe not? The teenage girls in Abigail's orbit seem to think it's something a little more daring than that. 
  • Maybe, suggests Lorraine, Madeline should check on that. 
  • Madeline texts Abigail and, as she's waiting for a reply, Nathan calls. "Don't get upset," he says.Uh-oh.

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