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Big Little Lies Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

  • Nathan spills the beans about what Abigail is up to. 
  • It turns out that her charity project is donating all of its proceeds to Amnesty International, which is great… 
  • …but the project itself involves auctioning Abigail's virginity… 
  • …online… 
  • …to make a statement about sex slavery and human trafficking. 
  • All of this is on a website. Which is live. 
  • Yikes. 
  • Just a quick reminder: Abigail is fourteen years old. She's very, very much underage. 
  • Double yikes. 
  • That doesn't stop a bunch of creep-os from making nasty comments on the website. 
  • Madeline is seeing red and basically feeling like she's going to projectile vomit. 
  • This is too much. 
  • Why exactly didn't Nathan and Bonnie monitor Abigail enough to stop her from trying to auction off her virginity?

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