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Big Little Lies Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

  • Jane is back at Blue Blues, and the world's greatest barista, otherwise known as Tom, is giving her free apple pancakes. 
  • Life really can't get any better. 
  • Or, well, yeah it could. 
  • Jane figures that she's going to have to uproot Ziggy and relocate because of the madness with the petition, and the incident with Amabella, and Harper thinking that Jane was kicking her. 
  • To make her feel better about leaving, she decides to ask Ziggy about the kids who won't play with him anymore. 
  • But instead, Ziggy lists all his friends. One of the names on his list is Amabella. 
  • Wait—what
  • Amabella Klein? The girl that he was accused of bullying? 
  • Jane finally asks Ziggy: does he know who is bullying Amabella? 
  • He knows the name, he says, but he promised not to say it. 
  • Jane's mind is working a million miles a minute. She has an idea: maybe Ziggy can write down the name of Amabella's bully, because that way he wouldn't be saying it. 
  • Talk about a technicality. 
  • But they're interrupted. 
  • Harper and her husband come in, and march right over to Jane. 
  • Harper's husband starts talking aggressively to Jane, leaning over the table in a very obviously intimidating way. 
  • Jane starts to honestly get scared. 
  • But then Tom comes to the rescue and tells Harper and her husband to leave. 
  • After all, Harper's hubby is harassing one of his customers. 
  • (Get it, Tom!)
  • Jane thanks him, and thinks about what a great guy he is. 
  • She eats some pancake and tries to calm herself down. Harper's husband kind of terrified her. 
  • At that moment, Ziggy announces that he's written down the name of Amabella's bully. 
  • The name is Max. 
  • Celeste's son.

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