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Big Little Lies Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

  • Celeste is still lying in bed, and Perry's going off to catch a work meeting. 
  • She thinks about how insane the situation is: Perry playing nurse after bashing her head against a wall. And her playing along. 
  • Her thoughts are a little loopy, though, because she's taken a strong painkiller. 
  • Yeah, Celeste is high as a kite. 
  • She mentions something to Perry—he was bullied as a kid. She figured that’s why he beats her now. Inside, he's still an angry little kid. 
  • She remembers something: it had been Saxon Banks that had helped defend Perry.  
  • Which was weird: Saxon also turned out to be a violent abuser, but he didn't even have a history of childhood trauma to explain it away. 
  • But Celeste's thoughts are meandering because of the painkiller, and she falls asleep.

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