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Big Little Lies Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Jane's feelin' good after brunch with Madeline and Celeste. 
  • And no, not because she's buzzed. (She had three sips of bubbly, tops.) 
  • She's happy because she has new buddies. 
  • But that good feeling doesn’t last long… 
  • When the women arrive back at Pirriwee Prep, Jane meets Carol ("Clean Carol," according to Madeline, because Carol has a fondness for hygiene) and the infamous super-mom Renata. 
  • Renata mistakes Jane for an au pair. It's really awkward for everyone involved. 
  • The kiddos come out, and it's all pretty adorable. 
  • Celeste's sons are a little manic, though. 
  • Suddenly one little girl starts crying. It's Renata's daughter, Amabella. 
  • Amabella has bruises around her neck. She's been choked…by a little boy at school. 
  • Frantic, Renata asks her who it was. 
  • Amabella points at Ziggy, Jane's son.

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