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Big Little Lies Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

  • Jane drops Ziggy off at school, wondering what she's going to do. 
  • She wants to tell someone immediately that Ziggy is totally innocent; that it was Max all along. 
  • In fact, she thinks of Ziggy as something of a hero. The kid not only didn't bully Amabella, but protected Amabella's secret. 
  • On orientation day, he allowed himself to be pointed out as the bully because Amabella was scared that if she told on Max, Max would kill her. 
  • Jane wonders whether she should tell Miss Barnes, or maybe go straight to the principal? 
  • And how will Celeste react to the news? 
  • Mrs. Ponder directs Jane's attention to Ziggy. 
  • He's scratching his head fiercely. 
  • Mrs. Ponder calls him over and looks through his hair. 
  • Yup. The kid had lice.

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