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Big Little Lies Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

  • Madeline has taken Abigail out of school early, claiming "family emergency." 
  • Which, to be fair, it kind of is. 
  • Madeline is now giving Abigail a very stern lecture as they wait to pick up Celeste's twins and Chloe from kindergarten. 
  • Abigail is being stubborn, saying that she won't take the website down even if she's tortured, and that she'll raise a ton of awareness about child marriage. 
  • Madeline counters: she's creating a lasting digital imprint, it's illegal to sleep with a fourteen-year-old, Abigail hasn't thought about the logistics of this… 
  • She gets a wee bit upset and distracted, and crashes into the back of Renata's car.

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