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Big Little Lies Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

  • Madeline and Nathan have tried everything.  
  • They screamed and reasoned with Abigail for hours, but she wouldn't give them her password to take down the virginity-auction website. Nathan even cries. 
  • Now, Ed's starting to make some sense. 
  • He suggests contacting Amnesty International, who probably won't want their brand associated with a fourteen-year-old selling her virginity on the internet. 
  • Suddenly, Abigail appears. 
  • A mysterious old man in South Dakota has written to her, offering to pay $100,000 to Amnesty International if she takes down the website. 
  • Abigail agrees, and has taken down the website. 
  • Crisis averted! 
  • But there's something fishy about the email from the old guy…

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