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Big Little Lies Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

  • Jane runs through the pouring rain to Blue Blues, only to find it's shut. 
  • This is just perfect. 
  • Suddenly, Tom opens the door for her. No one had been in that morning since the rain was so wretched, so he had closed up. 
  • But Jane is welcome any time. 
  • Tom lets her into his apartment, which is in the back of the café. 
  • He gives her some dry sweatpants and a sweatshirt to wear. 
  • He also gives her some piping hot soup to warm her up. 
  • Jane notices something—Tom has a jigsaw puzzle on his table. 
  • And Jane loves jigsaw puzzles. 
  • She mentions something about how Tom is gay. 
  • Er—what? 
  • Yeah. Madeline told Jane. She thinks he'll make some man very happy one day. 
  • Um, that's not true, says Tom. He's not gay. Jane must have been thinking of the other Tom, the guy who works in the auto body shop. 
  • Oh. 
  • Oh. 
  • Now Jane is hanging out in Tom's apartment, wearing his clothes, blushing furiously. She had allowed herself to be attracted to him because she thought he was off-limits, but it turns out that he's very, very available. 
  • And maybe, just maybe, he's into Jane as well.

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