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Big Little Lies Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

  • It's now half an hour before Trivia Night starts. 
  • Celeste is dressed up as a Breakfast At Tiffany's-era Audrey Hepburn, and she looks amazing. 
  • She's also high; she's taken even more painkillers. 
  • Her son Josh comes in for snuggles. 
  • This is rare, so Celeste lavishes affection on him. 
  • He starts talking about something that makes him "sad," but Celeste is so high she doesn't really notice what's he's talking about. 
  • That is, until he says that, although Max has stopped hurting Amabella, he did push Skye down the stairs. Again. 
  • Celeste does a double-take. 
  • Downstairs, her phone rings. Perry yells that he'll get it. 
  • Celeste, fighting through the fog of the painkiller, asks Josh to repeat what he had said before. 
  • He does, and Celeste gets it: Max is the bully. Max, affected by what he's seeing at home, is hurting little girls at school. 
  • Max comes running in, and he looks so adorbs that Celeste thinks, for a minute, that Josh must be making things up. 
  • But no; her kid is a bully. 
  • Perry comes in, dressed like Elvis and grinning. 
  • Why's he smiling? 
  • Celeste's property manager called about installing new smoke alarms in Celeste's new apartment. 
  • Perry now knows that she's rented an apartment. 
  • This is not good.

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