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Big Little Lies Chapter 72

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Chapter 72

  • Madeline, who's walking the fine line between tipsy and sloshy, is watching everyone at Trivia Night. 
  • Celeste and Perry look like absolute movie stars.  
  • Tom and Jane can't keep their eyes off each other. 
  • Renata and her husband Geoff (who's having the affair with the nanny, remember) are talking to Ed. 
  • And Bonnie is somehow next to Madeline. 
  • Madeline is in full-blown Madeline mode, saying all sorts of snappy things to Bonnie. She mentions Abigail's website. She mentions Nathan's leaving her and baby Abigail. She's generally pretty catty. 
  • Then, by accident, Bonnie spills her drink all over Madeline's dress.

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