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Big Little Lies Chapter 74

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Chapter 74

  • Celeste and Jane walk out to the balcony, where it's still raining softly. 
  • Celeste notices how totally happy Jane seems, and feels crazy-guilty about the Saxon Banks connection. 
  • She also comes clean about the fact that she now knows that it's Max, not Ziggy, who's been bullying little girls. 
  • Jane admits that she also knows. And she says it's okay. 
  • No! It's not okay at all, says Celeste. But she's going to make the situation better. Nathan and Bonnie come outside as well.  
  • Oh God, thinks Celeste. Those are Skye's parents. And Max has also been bullying Skye. 
  • She comes clean to Nathan and Bonnie, who are weirdly…very sweet about the whole thing. 
  • Hmm. Seems like maybe Madeline is a little harsh on them.

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