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Big Little Lies Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

  • Oh, boy. This is the chapter where it all comes out. 
  • We start with Madeline, drunkenly making her way out of the over-heated, people-filled auditorium. 
  • She's seen Celeste and Jane talking with Nathan and Bonnie and this will not stand. 
  • She needs to go out and divide her buddies from her nemeses. 
  • On the way, she hears some Blond Bobs gossiping and, without missing a beat, tells them that they are all terrible people. 
  • It is, um, true. 
  • Then she meets Renata. Maybe it's because the Blond Bobs are gossiping so viciously about Renata's husband sleeping with the nanny, but Madeline feels all warm n' fuzzy towards her. 
  • She feels bad about rear-ending her car, and tells her that she's going to contact her insurance. 
  • Renata, who has suddenly decided to be a human, apologizes for lashing out. 
  • They approach the group, and Nathan apologizes on Bonnie's behalf for spilling her drink over Madeline's dress. 
  • Man. Everyone is being so nice to each other. 
  • The first revelation of the evening occurs: Celeste was actually the mysterious emailer from South Dakota who persuaded Abigail to take her website down. 
  • That's right: Celeste donating $100,000 to Amnesty International. 
  • Celeste says that it is, in part, because Madeline saved Max's life way back when. 
  • Remember: Madeline and Celeste met when Madeline jumped into the pool to save Max from drowning. (We had forgotten this, too.) 
  • And, speaking of Max, Celeste comes clean to Renata about Max being the bully. 
  • Renata, to her credit, is crazy-apologetic towards Jane. 
  • And Jane is a very, very cool customer about the whole thing. 
  • Ed and Perry come about. Ed's being his usual chill self, but Perry is a live wire. 
  • Nathan, stupidly, tells Perry about Celeste donating $100,000 to Amnesty international. 
  • Perry starts glaring at Celeste and talking a whole lot of smack about her. It's getting ugly. 
  • Celeste is keeping very still and not moving. 
  • This is what makes Madeline figure it all out: she sees the vein of abuse that runs through Celeste and Perry's relationship. 
  • Meanwhile, Jane is staring fixedly at Perry. 
  • We met before, she tells him. 
  • Except that time you said your name was Saxon Banks.
  • Whoa.

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