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Big Little Lies Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

  • At first, Perry doesn't react. His face stays neutral. 
  • Then he starts to react, and it's obvious that there are a lot of Janes out there: a lot of women he picked up, saying his name was Saxon Banks. 
  • Celeste remembers something: a funny little kids-are-terrible story that Perry used to tell. 
  • Once he got caught stealing a lollipop from a grocery store. He told the owner his name was "Saxon Banks" to try to get off scot-free. 
  • Celeste had thought this story was so cute, so funny. 
  • "It didn't mean anything," Perry says to Celeste. 
  • Jane realizes that she was totally disposable to him, more like porn that a real human. He's not even looking at her, he's looking at Celeste. 
  • She admits something out loud: she moved to Pirriwee, in part, because she had seen a brochure for a beachfront property in the hotel room. She knew that Saxon Banks—or Perry, rather—was planning on buying a house. 
  • Now she realizes it's because his wife was pregnant. 
  • She realizes that she had fantasized about running into Saxon in order to show him Ziggy. She wanted him to see the evidence of his behavior, and she wanted to show him that ten terrible minutes had ended up giving her endless happiness with Ziggy. 
  • And now she's face to face with her abuser. 
  • Perry is still trying to diffuse the situation. He's giving Celeste a lame "Baby, it didn't mean nothing" speech. 
  • He wants to go home and talk about it. 
  • Celeste is not having it. She's disgusted beyond belief; in her most hopeful moments, she held onto the understanding that Perry was just a hot-headed guy with anger management issues. 
  • Now she realizes that he's a total psycho. 
  • She throws her glass of champagne in his face. 
  • Perry backhands her with so much force she ends up on the ground. 
  • Madeline rushes to her. Ed creates a protective shield between Perry and Celeste.  
  • Jane stands there, stunned. 
  • Renata phones the police. And Bonnie—yes, Bonnie, of all people—runs up to Perry and pushes him as hard as she can. 
  • And he falls.

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