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Big Little Lies Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

  • The chapter begins with a whole lot of ifs. 
  • If Perry hadn't been so tall… 
  • If the balcony railing had been higher… 
  • If it hadn't been raining… 
  • But the fact of the matter is: Bonnie pushes Perry, and he falls off the balcony. 
  • It's, um, not looking too good for him. 
  • Bonnie is crouched, quietly going nuts. She knows what happened. 
  • But the other women, led by Renata, know what to do: say they didn't see him fall. They all claim that they were looking the other way. 
  • It's very, very clever. 
  • And the thing is, there is a ruckus going on inside. People are drunkity-drunk-drunk and brawling, about the French nanny, and because of weird, tipsy, perceived insults. It's madness. 
  • In fact, Madeline and Jane get forced apart by a couple of Elvises who come crashing outside, knocking over Jane and seriously hurting her shoulder.

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