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Big Little Lies Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

  • Merry Christmas! 
  • Madeline's woken up by Chloe at the stroke of 6 a.m. It's early, but's Christmas. 
  • And Madeline is feeling warm and fuzzy and Christmas-y. 
  • That is, until she gets a text from Abigail. 
  • Abigail is spending Christmas Eve and morning with her dad and step-mom, Bonnie. 
  • This year, they're spending Christmas morning at the soup kitchen, giving back to the community. 
  • That would be sweet and all, but Madeline thinks its all part of Bonnie's faux-hippie, holier-than-thou attitude. 
  • Also, it's really obvious that Abigail likes spending time with Bonnie more than with Madeline. 
  • That hurts.

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