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Big Little Lies Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

  • Celeste is watching TV with her boys. 
  • They were super-sad when she told them about Perry, but in that odd, five-year-old way. Celeste doesn't know if they understand the permanence of the situation. 
  • Suddenly, Bonnie shows up. She's brought her signature veggie lasagna. 
  • Bonnie tells Celeste that she's going to tell the police everything. 
  • And it's not just because she's worried about Ed or Jane ratting her out. She's sick of lying. 
  • Bonnie got really, really good at lying as she watched her mom get beaten, year after year, by her dad. 
  • She says that she's sick of it, and needs to confess. 
  • Bonnie also mentions that Celeste has probably gotten really good at lying, but she can stop now.

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