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Big Little Lies Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

  • Tom and Jane are leaving Blue Blues to take a walk around the headland. 
  • It's now a month since Trivia Night, and their potential romance has cooled to something like friendship. 
  • It's really disappointing. 
  • Tom wants to know if Jane has talked to the journalist that keeps nosing around. The journalist apparently talked to Bonnie before she was charged. 
  • Ed is very strict about not talking to the journalist, and Jane thinks that it's probably a good call to stay away from her. 
  • She's still concerned about Celeste. 
  • She went to Perry's funeral with Ziggy, partially because it was Ziggy's only chance to go to his biological father's funeral. (What a fun occasion!) 
  • Celeste had been rigid and pink-eyed, and was totally surrounded by Perry's family. 
  • Jane actually hasn't spoken to Celeste much since the funeral. 
  • Now, as Tom and Jane walk around the headland, Jane thinks again about how platonic she and Tom are. 
  • Luckily, Tom isn't going to accept this new, sexless friendship. He leans over and kisses her. They sit on a bench overlooking the water.

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