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Big Little Lies Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

  • A year after Trivia Night, Celeste is still picking up the pieces.  
  • She'd doing the hard work in therapy, and her counselor wants her to speak out about domestic abuse. 
  • That’s why she's currently waiting to be called to the mic at an event dedicated to domestic violence. 
  • She's seated next to a nervous-looking counselor. She thinks about all of her many, many mixed feelings: how she still loves Perry, how she yearns for his approval, how she misses him. 
  • The boys aren't doing so hot in his absence. They have behavioral issues.  
  • She's moved away from Pirriwee Public; the boys are in a new school with a kind, attentive teacher. 
  • Madeline is still berating herself—she thinks she should have known about Celeste's abuse. 
  • Celeste is too kind to tell her that that's ridiculous; Celeste made sure that no one could figure out that she was being abused. 
  • Bonnie didn't go to jail. The death was termed involuntary manslaughter and Bonnie just needed to do a lot of community service. Madeline said that Abigail, ever the fangirl, helped out. 
  • Celeste has made sure that Ziggy got a trust fund, padded with Perry's cash. It's the least she can do, and besides, she still believes that Perry was—weirdly, almost impossibly—a good dad. 
  • Okay, it's go time. Celeste is being announced, along with another victim of domestic violence that's there to speak. 
  • Oh—the nervous-looking counselor isn't a counselor at all. He's a victim. And he looks like he's going to pass out from terror. 
  • Celeste needs to hold it together, and to speak bravely. 
  • If not for herself, then for him…and all the many other victims of domestic abuse out there.

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