Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 10

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 10

  • At Geiger's bookstore, Marlowe tells the attractive blonde that his last visit was an act, and that he was really looking for Geiger because he had something for him. Marlowe claims to be in the same racket as Geiger. The woman becomes nervous and asks Marlowe to come back tomorrow.
  • A young man opens the back door, and Marlowe notices that Geiger's stock of pornography is being moved into a truck.
  • Marlowe quickly leaves the store, grabs a taxi, and follows the truck to a garage in an apartment building. When he inspects the mailboxes to the building, one of the names reads "Joseph Brody." A Joe Brody had once bribed the General for $5000, so Marlowe takes note of the apartment number, just in case it's the same guy (it's Apartment 405, if you're collecting clues).
  • Marlowe goes to the garage and finds out from the man unloading the truck that all the merchandise was going to Brody. Big shocker.
  • Marlowe gets back into the cab and heads downtown to his office, where a client is waiting for him.