Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 17

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 17

  • Marlowe takes Lundgren to Geiger's house and demands that Lundgren open the door with the keys he's sure Lundgren owns. A fistfight ensues, but Marlowe wins, ties Lundgren up, and opens the door using Lundgren's keys. 
  • There's a smell of incense coming from the bedroom across from Geiger's room. Lying on the bed is a very dead Geiger, with the two missing strips of Chinese silk laid out on his body like a cross. 
  • Marlowe phones Ohls and asks if a gun was found on Taylor's body. Marlowe is now convinced that Taylor killed Geiger and that the gun should have three empty shells. And if Ohls wants to hear the rest of the story, he should come to 7244 Laverne Terrace, Geiger's address.