Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 18

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 18

  • Ohls shows up at Geiger's and Marlowe shows him the stuff. Then they all head over to the home of Taggart Wilde, the District Attorney. 
  • Marlowe tells the D.A. and Captain Cronjager what happened, but he leaves out the parts with Carmen. The conversation seems to indicate that there's a rivalry between the private detective and the police, which is no surprise. 
  • In fact, if things get dicey, Marlowe could get in some serious trouble for withholding information from the law. But we're willing to bet that Marlowe couldn't care less about what the police think of him. 
  • Still, he hands Lundgren over to police custody.
  • The D.A. agrees to keep General Sternwood's name out of the two deaths. 
  • Rusty Regan's name comes up again because the D.A. believes that the General probably thinks that Regan is somehow involved.