Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 19

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 19

  • A man from Eddie Mars' club comes to Marlowe's place to say that Mars wants to see him, but Marlowe says no thanks, bucko. 
  • A little later, Mars phones Marlowe, saying that he'll provide Marlowe with protection if he doesn't tell the police anything. Mars also offers to give Marlowe the skinny on how to find Rusty.
  • Marlowe then calls the Sternwoods and tells Norris to tell Vivian that he has retrieved the photos of Carmen. 
  • Marlowe's phone rings several times during the night, but he doesn't pick up.
  • The next morning, Marlowe reads the newspaper accounts of Geiger's murder, which report (wrongly) that Brody had killed Geiger and that Lundgren had shot Brody in revenge. None of the papers connect Geiger's killing to Owen Taylor's death, which was deemed a suicide and not a murder. Captain Cronjager is credited for solving both murders, and Marlowe's name is never mentioned. 
  • Lesson learned? Don't believe everything you read in the papers.