Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 21

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 21

  • The phone rings. This time it's Norris calling to tell Marlowe that the General has a $500 check for Marlowe—case closed. 
  • Marlowe realizes that the smart thing to do would be to walk away from this whole situation, but he just can't. Instead, he calls up Mars and says that he'll come by that evening. 
  • At Eddie's Cypress Club, Marlowe sees Vivian gambling in the casino (and not, alas, singing a sultry song like she is in the movie). 
  • Next scene. Mars thanks Marlowe for keeping his name from the police, and says he wants to return the favor someday. 
  • Marlowe asks if Mars is having him followed by someone in a gray sedan. Mars looks surprised and says he hasn't. Uh oh.