Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 28

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 28

  • When Marlowe comes to, he finds that he has been tied up and handcuffed. A woman is sitting beside him and we learn that she is Eddie Mars' wife, Mona Grant. She has striking platinum-colored hair and it's pretty clear Marlowe thinks she's a looker. 
  • When Marlowe remarks on her hair, Mona pulls it off saying it's a wig: she had cut off her hair to prove to Eddie that she was willing to hide out and not cause trouble. Marlowe starts calling her Silver-Wig. Some nickname.
  • Marlowe accuses Mars of being involved in a murder, but Silver-Wig defends Mars because she's still in love with him. She also assures Marlowe that her husband didn't kill Regan. 
  • She frees Marlowe from the ropes, but doesn't have the key to unlock the handcuffs. 
  • Fearing for her safety, Marlowe asks Mona to come with him, but she turns him down. 
  • Before he leaves, Marlowe plants one on her (settle down, buddy), but her lips are as cold as ice.