Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 29

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 29

  • Marlowe runs out of the house into the rain toward the highway. He finds that his car has been repaired by Canino and his henchman so that it can be used later as the getaway car. Marlowe grabs his gun from the car and heads back to the house.
  • Instead of waiting to let Silver-Wig explain to Canino what happened, Marlowe tries to lure Canino outside by turning on the car ignition (Canino unwisely left his keys inside the car). Marlowe leaves the engine running, but gets out of the car, knowing that Canino will shoot at the car.
  • Canino fires six times at the car and Marlowe pretends to scream out in pain. Canino sends Silver-Wig out to see if Marlowe's still alive. She lies and says she can see Marlowe's dead body behind the wheel.
  • Silver-Wig succeeds in fooling Canino, who lets down his guard, and Marlowe manages to shoot and kill him. Want to see how this gunfight plays out on the big screen? Your wish is Shmoop's command.