Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 30

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 30

  • Back at the Missing Persons Bureau, Marlowe's talking to Captain Gregory about Rusty Regan. We find out that Marlowe did in fact get in trouble with police for taking matters into his own hands. Marlowe tells Gregory that he's done with the case, but he leaves feeling as if the Captain is keeping something from him.
  • Marlowe is unable to sleep that night and can't stop thinking of Silver-Wig. We think someone has a crush.
  • In the morning, the phone rings and Norris is calling to request that Marlow come over to see the General, whose health is failing rapidly.
  • During their conversation, the General seems to feel that Marlowe has betrayed him since he had never asked Marlowe to locate Regan. When Marlowe assures the General that he's done with the case, the General offers him an extra $1000 to find Regan.
  • General Sternwood says that his reasons are personal: he doesn't mind so much that Regan had left his daughter, but he has a genuine affection for him and just wants to know that he's all right.Ā 
  • Marlowe agrees to do what he can to help.