Study Guide

The Big Sleep Chapter 6

By Raymond Chandler

Chapter 6

  • Rain, rain, and more rain. Marlowe escapes the foul weather by waiting in his car and staking out Geiger's store until he sees a man matching the description of Geiger enter the shop.
  • When Geiger leaves in his car, Marlowe follows him to Geiger's house high up in the hills. Parked a few houses over, Marlowe sees another white car pull in the driveway. A young woman gets out and enters the house. When the coast is clear, Marlowe checks the white car's registration, which reads Carmen Sternwood.
  • At 7:20, Marlowe sees a white flash go off inside the house. Then he hears a scream. 
  • Several seconds later, three gunshots go off and footsteps are heard leaving the house. 
  • Marlowe breaks in through the window and sees two people inside. One of them is dead.