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Big Sur Characters

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Jack Duluoz

Real Name: Jack Kerouac (photo)What Happened to Jack?Before you start any analysis or discussion...

Cody Pomeray

Real Name:: Neal Cassady (photo)Cody is the alter-ego of Neal Cassady, a good friend of Kerouac...

Dave Wain

Real Name: Lew Welch (photo)Dave Wain is the alter-ego of Beat poet, Lew Welch, a friend of...

Robert Browning

Real Name: Robert LaVigne"The beatnik painter." Browning gets a mention at the beginning of the...


Real Name: Lucien CarrJack's friend back in New York. He doesn't make any appearances in the...

Joey Rosenberg

Real Name: Sandy JacobsAn odd character; this "young kid from Oregon" used to be a famous athlete...

Lanny Meadows

Real Name: Tom FieldA painter who lives in the mad rooming house with Dave Wain, Ron Blake, and...

Lex Pascal

"A mad French Canadian drinker" who lives in the bustling San Francisco boarding house with Dave...


A black man who lives in the crazy boarding house with Dave Wain and the others.

Stanley Popovich

"A big tough Yugoslav kid who ran the Seven Arts Gallery in New York with big bearded beatnik...


Stanley's "Italian beauty girl."


"The greatest driver in the world." He's a kid that Jack goes out with one night so that he...


Real Name: Jami or Cathy CassadyOne of Cody and Evelyn's daughters.


Real Name: Jami or Cathy CassadyOne of Cody and Evelyn's daughters.


Real Name: John Allen CassadyCody and Evelyn's son.

Elliot Dabney

Real Name: Eric GibsonBillie's four-year-old son.

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